Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Announcement: Changing things up!

As you may have realized, you can no longer see pictures on my blog...yeah I did something. Not really sure what but I am just going to say it was me trying to mess with technology (which I have a tense relationship with) and it ending badly for me. Not too badly though because I was playing around with the idea of changing the name and well now that I need to start over again I figure why not just change everything.

So I am starting a new blog. It will have all of the same content as this one (but with pictures) and I will be uploading (and re-editing) all the posts here to put on the new one. It may take a bit of time to bear with me.

Thank you all for understanding. While you are waiting, why don't you head on over to my new blog and checkout the links to my social media pages (and my new bloglovin' page) so you are ready to get updates!

Can't wait to hear your comments on my new blog!



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